How much will a divorce cost?

We have 3 children and he does not want the divorce. There is domestic violence involved. Does anyone that has been in this situation have a ballpark figure? I am a stay at home mom so I have no income but I would rather live alone than live like this.


He is getting thrown out of the military and we have only a house together but nothing else.


  • There's no set amount. It depends on so many things. You need to find an attorney that you can trust. In your case, with the violence involved and 3 children, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a reputable one. But let me warn you. When an amount is reached for child support, it's not how much you will receive. It's "if" you receive it. I don't care what the law reads, it isn't always paid on time. If at all. (trust me. I know)

    If you choose to leave, think about that.

  • You can't put a definite price on a divorce cost. I found out mind would cost $500,000.00. I haven't had the nerve to throw away 20 years of work, YET.

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  • half of everything

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