Do you think Israel will ever risk to attack Iran?

If that happens there would be a huge mess everywhere in regards to almost everything..


  • Not by itself.

    Israel doesn't have the equipment.

    A pinpoint strike on Natanz, Isfahan, Qom (which are all that need to be atacked unless/until the Iranians break the seals on Busheir and open the reactor vessel) would take tomohawks, SLBM's, and aegis class intermediate range missiles.

    Iran's anti-air capabilities being what they are it would be suicide to send a bomber or fightter bomber in there without taking them out first -- and if you do -- it's war -- not a pinpoint surgical strike.

    The USA has the right equipment, but it has a quivvering piece of Jellywaggle Blancmange for its Commander in Chief.

    Israel would launch an all out war counterpunch if Iran strikes it with a major bomb. It would be 1967 all over again. Israel would devout everything and take every risk in an all out counterpunch. I would expect, knowing the Israelis as I do they would try to keep on counter-force targets, which include all military assets and personnel. Israel would not go after soft targets like civilian cities, even if Tel Aviv were hit, even if many thousands of Israeli civilians were killed.

    I doubt that Israel would use more than 10 nuclear bombs on Iranian military assets, and these would be the smallest ones in the arsenal set for the lowest yields, around 5 kilotons. No hydrogen bombs would be used, of course. They may go after the Revolutionary Guards and Kuds Force with neutron bombs.

    Immediately after the action, Israel would join with 50 nations in offerring humanitarian aide. There would be no Israeli "boots on the ground in Iran". The UN relief workers and the Iranian government would be in charge.

    Israel would be regretful not triumphalist in its tone. It would express sorrow, not anger. It would hope that Iran could learn something, maybe change its agenda, and have better conduct in the future.

    Short Answer:

    Pre-Emptive strike by Israel on Iran -- No. And No for USA too unless Jellywaggle Blancmange is gone a replaced by a fully-spined American.

    Counter-punch by Israel if attacked seriously by Iran with major deathcount -- Yes, and it would be nuclear, and Iran would be set back to around the 1920's. Outcome: Iran could possibly learn something, but whether they did or not, they would be more like Half-ran coming out of the exchange, so their threat posture would be about on the level of Albania or Macedonia.

  • Of course they will. They are the preemptive experts in the world. And their Mossad is far advanced than our CIA. Don't kid yourself, they are not in the least afraid of Iran... not in the least. Look at the 6 Day War and you will see what I mean.

    They make their own nukes... not made by USA or any other country and they have more than anyone in the region... only France has more and even the UK has less nukes than Israel.

    However they know what a mess it will be, but they are conditioned to survive and one of their promises to their people after the Holocaust.

    A lot of people like to "pretend" that Israel is ruthless, but they are not... however in an all out attack they are very ruthless. We haven't see what they "really" do since the late 1960's. However, they are still the same people and won't blink an eye, if they think for the slightest moment their country will be overrun. And the USA can't do a damn thing about it. Even Russia will be worried about Israel. Israel is our friend because of Russia... Russia was going to be annihilated by Israel during the Cold War, if Russia pushed the button, and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Russia would be a thing of the past... but probably USA and Israel too... however no MIRVs would make it to the USA due to Israel.

    Ahmadinejad signed his death warrant when he said Israel should be wiped off the face of the map... you don't make Israel nervous if you don't want to be surprised.


    Tolerant B is an example of someone that doesn't have the slightest clue of Israel. This is a typical youth that thinks a simple conventional war with Israel using limited resources is what Israel is all about. These people don't realize how restrained Israel is with almost all their encounters, especially Lebanon.

    In the 6 day war... here is what Israel was up against:

    Egypt: 240,000 troops; Syria, Jordan, and Iraq: 307,000 troops; 957 combat aircraft; 2,504 tanks.

    Total troops: 547,000 (Compare this with Hezbollah in Lebanon)

    Those contributing to the war with arms and technologies support: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Arab Expeditionary Forces, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Palestinian Liberation Army.

    In 6 days... that's six days, Israel defeated ALL of them. The simple skirmish in Lebanon where Syria was feeding Hezbollah with arms could have easily been stopped with the destruction of Syria by Israel. However, they were restrained and kids like Tolerant B that thinks this is a video game are easily fooled. The dynamics are much different than a casual observer would think.

    Doesn't matter if you hate Israel or Iran... the facts speak for themselves. Iran is trying to build weapons that Israel, not only built, but perfected, over 40 years ago.

    Even 30 years ago during the Yom Kippur War, Israel positioned 13 nukes pointed at Syrian and Egypt, which use was imminent and defrayed only by intelligence shared with Syria and Egypt by the USA, which caused both countries to immediately back off. Each one of these 13 warheads were larger than was used at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And 13 was just the first volley planned with the reserve saved for the 8 other countries.

    For anyone to think that Israel has been sitting on their hands for the past 30 years is foolish, and even more foolish to think that if Israel did nothing for 30 years, they would have more capable nukes a hundred times over what Iran has or even hoped to have.

    The loud mouth in Iran will only scare children into believing he is a threat. To Israel, he is not a threat but someone to be dealt with the most effective way with minimal world negative opinions. They could care less about any or all of the Arab countries opinions.

  • i've got self belief Iran is under the Russian protection on the 2d. no longer formally yet nonetheless the Russians supply Iran with somewhat some weapons and nuclear comprehend-how in substitute for his or her oil. Israel has no skill of achieving Iran without the yank help and on the 2d Mr. Obama has different priorities. on the different hand the Persian military grow to be waiting to fabricate some long distance drones that would attain Israel in 40 minutes in stealth mode sporting 3 warheads that would hit a aim very properly with a minimum civilian/collateral injury. Greetings

  • Of course they will. Look at the map of the Mideast and compare the sizes of Iran and Israel. Iran's leader is dedicated to the utter destruction of Israel. Do you think Israel is going to let Iran fire the first shot? Hell no! Israel will attack Iran and they will likely nuke them back into the stone age if they have any brains at all.

  • Could happen. Do you think Iran will ever attack Israel? Could happen. Best if every other country stays out of it all. That way once the middle east becomes a parking lot then no more worrying about it huh? Both sides are just crazy enough to do that. All in the name of religion which both sides claim that theirs promotes peace. What a bloody laugh!

  • This is why countries like Iran want a nuclear defense, so that they can't be bullied by anyone else in the playground. Israel, has been bullying Palestinians for what seems like forever with the help of America. Every day they bulldoze palestinian homes that palestinians are STILL living in, in order to create homes for Israeli settlers. Its a very unique situation; you won't find this happening anywhere else in the world. Its an absolute disgrace.

    So, Iran has every right to defend itself and no country has a right to poke their noses in. The only way America can be the land of freedom is by keeping the rest of the world shackled.

    Israel is a key player for America. Like a queen on a chess board. They know that when the oil runs out in the middle east, the alliance with islamic powers will come to an end. Thats when the lights will go out and everyone will have their fingers on the nuclear triggers.

    But, obviously I hope by then, we would have also colonised the moon and I will be able to watch the fireworks from space. (plays Blue Danube in background).

  • Israel will only attack if they think a threat is credible which is possible. Yes, there most definitely would be a huge mess everywhere.

  • Yes and soon.

    Mess? The potential for something truly horrific is there. Iran is not Iraq or Gaza. Imagine Lebanon (the only time Israel was defeated, an yes she was) magnified 1000 times.

    Short of totally destroying Iran, Israel will be in for one heck of a counter attack.

    If an attack ends in the leak of Radiation in Iran, Iran will do everything in its power forever if necessary (Iranians hold a grudge for centuries) to make Israel glow in the dark too.

    I hope Israel and Iran talk it out before all of us live to regret it.

  • I don't see how a defensive counterattack against Iran's nuclear capability can be avoided. Anyone who fails to understand the danger Israelis are in is a totally callous and evil reprobate and by the grace of God, I am not one of them.

  • Yes. it is always an option but how to take it. It is messy and that is why it is a hard nut. They had started proning to make it containable and the silence means they `re still no decision yet.

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