Why do you guys talk so much crap about 'scene kids'?

Mos people lable me as a 'scene kid' because of how I do my make up, dress, and have my hair cut dyed. And I just wanted to stress that fact that 'scene' is a lable. You guys don't have the right to lable anyone. And you guys make assumptions about how all 'scene kids' act when you've probably never met one in real life. Please take these thoughts into consideration next time you want to talk crap about 'scene kids'. Thanks (:


  • If you dress like a stereotypical scene kid, you get called scene. If you don't want to get called scene, don't dress like a stereotypical scene kid. Easy as that. Yes, it is wrong to label. But don't give people a reason to label you. It's like dressing like a police officer and getting mad if people ask you if you are police officer. It makes no sense. You're the one that brought the label upon yourself.

    Now if it is the case where you *don't* look like a stereotypical scene kid but you still get called scene, then just ignore it. Some people have the tendency to label anything remotely different. I myself used to get called emo because I used to wear a lot of black. I didn't even look like a stereotypical emo kid. I had curly hair and glasses. I never wore makeup either. I guess an entire color is emo lol.

  • SCENE is a style, and therefore if you dress in the scene style, you are a "scene kid"

    It dosnt talk about how people act, what they like , and how bitc****hy they are.

    I'm friends with an emo/scene kid, shes the funniest and one of the nicest people ive ever met.

    Ive also metreally bitchy scene kids.

  • people find that others that dress different then them or most of the school look stupid if they dont dress like everyone else. they dont understand it. they are judging somebody by the way they dress without actually having a coversation with them. but dont pay attention to them. soon high school will be over. and you wont have to deal with a whole group of narrow minded people.

  • I never said anything bad about them, I never even seen one in real life

  • why dont you tell this to the next person you hear label, because as far as i know the majority of Y!A people don't do that unless theyre trolls.

    live your life

    answer mine please?


  • Scene is dead.

    Who cares.

  • I shall take them into consideration.......

  • i dunno it's so annoying

    don't put other people down

    it's pathetic

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