what do you think will happen after Eclipse?

I love Stephanie Meyer! I just want to know what you guys think will happen. I read Eclipse and I think that Jacob is going to ruin everything. I mean the wedding and Bella turning into a vampire. I HATE JACOB BLACK! I hope he dies. better yet, Edward kills him. But that would upset Bella so Edward wouldn't do it. =(!!!!!!!! I hope that after they get married(Edward and Bella), Edward will turn her into a vampire! I can't wait to see what happens!


I think that Jacob didn't imprint on Bella either. I think that he'll find someone else and leave Bella and Edward alone! =)

so happy. i can't wait to read what happens after they get married and who else is invited. I think that Charlie is going to be furious, but Renne will understand even if it will hurt her to see her one and only daughter making the same chose she made at bella's age. But I really do hope that Jacob finds his special some one so he can be gone, for good!


  • I'm pretty sure that Edward and Bella are going to stay together. If she goes with Jake I'm going to be like really disappointed, not because I don't like Jacob but because I really really like Edward and think he's made for Isabella. I found myself getting really angry at Jake in Eclipse because I really didn't want Bella to be with him. (Weird right?)

    I do have some predictions though...

    I think that Bella will turn into a vampire, but I also think there's a slight chance that Edward won't be the one to change her. (Just a hunch.)

    I also think that when Isabella does become a vampire she's going to have to face off with Jake in the end. It just seems inevitable. Someones going to die.

  • I hate Jacob Black too. Team Edward rules. I think Jacob will find somebody in Breaking Dawn. I don't think he truly imprinted on Bella, no matter how dirty that sounds. Was that just me? Did anyone else immediately think something incredibly wrong when they read that? Bella and Edward will get married, but I don't think he's going to ruin anything. Bella won't let him. She's going to stay with Edward, and she is going to be turned into a vampire. It's the last book. I don't really understand how she can wrap everything up in one book.

  • I don't hate Jacob. I actually like him. And I really hope he doesn't die. I was really sad when I finished Eclipse. I hope Jacob comes back. But that doesn't mean I don't want Bella to stay with Edward. I really want Edward to stay with Bella. I can't wait what will happen in Breaking Dawn. Edward and Bella are going to get married. And I hope that Edward will turn her into a vampire.

  • At a book signing, Stephenie Meyer said Jacob did not imprint on Bella. I don't exactly hate him...but I MUCH prefer Edward. I love these books so much...but did anyone else find Bella a tad bit annoying in Eclipse? I think in the fourth book she will become a vampire...but honestly...I don't want her to. I think if Bella remained human it would make the books so much more lasting...kind of like Casablanca : D

  • i totally agree wit u. I really super hate Jacob Black. He's gotten in the way so many times. can't he leave them alone? I really want to find out wat happens in the last book. I CAN'T WAIT FOR ONE MORE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I don't think he did imprint on bella. just something similar to the leahxsamxemily thing. he's just in over his head. I think he is gonna interupt....and then make everything worst. ladi ladi laa.... and then he probably kisses bella without her permission and then edward kill him... That would be great if Edward killed him.

  • i agree 100%!! I really hope she turns into a vampire, then they can get married and live together forever!! I adore Edward!!

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