What crime, if any, was travyon committing walking home in the rain after buying skittles/?

for his little brother?


  • He had committed no crime that night.

    EDIT: Let me amend my answer. Trayvon had committed no crime at all up until the point when he assaulted Zimmerman.

  • He wasn't, but due to the fact that in that neighborhood there had been reports of an African american teenager wearing a hoodie and breaking into houses, Zimmerman, as neighborhood watch, had reasonable suspicion to confront Trayvon and question him upon his whereabouts. What happened from then until the shot was fired, no one was there to prove anything except for zimmerman. The real crime was the outfit Trayvon was wearing. Come on, who where's hoodies these days?

  • Actually he was doing just that. He was walking home from a convenience store late at night in a sketchy part of town. He committed no crime. But by wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and walking here late at night, it sent a bad message. Zimmerman felt it upon himself to be a hero and take down this sketchy looking person before he even saw if they were even acting any criminal behavior. He committed no crime. The only bad decision he made was to walk alone late at night in a bad neighborhood with suspicious attire.

  • According to the verdict the jury believed the story that after calling 911 about a person lurking around homes in a neighborhood that had been getting robbed Trayvon Martin blind sided George Zimmerman (Assualt) took his head and smashed it into concrete after zimmerman screamed repeatedly for help (attempted murder) while cursing at him and calling him racial slurs confirmed by his girlfriend which adds in (hate crime) for thousands of years we fought with swords, if you drop your sword you fight with your fists. Are you dumb to the idea that a 6 foot 2 inch young adult could kill with his bare hands? Unarmed? I didn't realize Trayvon was a double amputee...

  • The sad thing is, if it were not for the race issue, you would not give a crap about the kid at all.

    As you are merely grinding a political ax, your outrage at the verdict is meaningless.

  • Walking between houses and peering in windows... then attacking someone and trying to kill him for following him.. That's enough crime for me.. and BTW haven't you posted this same question enough?? You get the same answers every time, I guess you don't feel casing houses and turning around and attacking someone is a crime?

  • The criminal activity began when he sucker punched Zimmerman , prior to that he was just a suspicious character that fit the description of a burglar in the neighborhood .

  • None, it turned into a crime when he violently confronted Zimmerman and threatened his life.

    "You're gonna die tonight." While bashing his head into concrete.

  • The crime was attacking the neighborhood watchman.

  • 1. He was trespassing.

    2. He assaulted a man.

    There's two right there.

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