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Serious responses only please :-)

How long after you ovulate, does it take for implantation? After implantation, if it happens at all, how long until you'll notice inplantation bleeding? After implantation, how long does it take to start noticing the "tww" symptoms? I know everyone is different, so I just want to hear from personal experiences. THANKS!!


  • Implantation usually occurs between 7 & 10 days after ovulation. Implantation bleeding may or may not occur at this time, not everyone gets it (and its usually spotting, not bleeding). At 2 weeks after conception is the average timescale women start noticing pregnancy symptoms.

  • Ok first off implantation does not happen 72 hours after ovulation. What you are speaking of is fertilization.

    Ok 1.Implantation can happen anywhere from 6-12days but according to fertility friend its generally 9.

    2.Some people do not bleed at all. So there is no right or wrong answer. You may see spotting you may not.

    3. The tww symptoms are the same as period symptoms. You generally do not even know your pregnant till 6 weeks along!

  • These answers are based on what I remember - I might be slightly off and every person is different. Implantation can occur anywhere from 24-72 hours after you ovulate and of course have sex. Implantation bleeding would happen usually within a few days. Is tww - two week wait symptoms? If so, I didn't notice any major symptoms until I was 7 weeks pregnant but very early on I noticed a metallic taste in my mouth all the time. I'm 17 weeks pregnant with #2, so I hope this helps you. Thanks!

  • Impalantation happens 8-10 days after ovulation. Implantaion bleeding happens at that same time and can last a couple of days but is usually just spotting. As for symptoms, with my 1st I had nausea before I even missed ny period (about 10dpo) with my 2nd I wouldn't have had any idea if I hadn't of suddenly realized that my period was 4 days late, I had no symptoms at all!

  • It takes from about 7-10 days for implantation

    Implantation bleeding if you get it should take place at implantation

    All this take place during your TWW so you should be a few days off expecting AF at the end of all this

  • i believe implantation takes up to a week, so a week after you concieve you could get implantation bleeding. just so you know, most implantation bleeding happens around the time of your period. i didnt notice major symptoms until i was 6 weeks (that's when i got morning sickness), however i did get sore breasts around the time i was suppose to start my period. i wasnt sure if i was pregnant or if it was a sign that my period was going to start. i also noticed lots of vaginal discharge when my period was suppose to start. hope you get pregnant soon!

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  • what's tww?

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