Should the WWE bring back factions?

Wasn't it exciting when wrestling was filled with factions. We had people screwing one another over, backstabbing, and not to mention it helped push the mid carders to super stardom... (see Triple H, Rock, Randy Orton, Batista...) Wrestling was at it's best when we had the NWO and the Nation, and DX and last but not least the Corporation. What do you guys think about this?


  • stables is what made it exciting...especially seeing dx put mcmahon through all the crap they did. seeing evolution dominate raw and the ministry lead by the undertaker...priceless.

  • I wouldnt deliver lower back DX the two uncooked: 4 HORSEMAN SMACKDOWN: NEW BLOOD (this is a extensive team yet look on the greater youthful clean expertise. some you may enable circulate. i know this checklist dont have all of them, despite the fact that this is because of the fact some have previous on. * Lance typhoon * Buff Bagwell * Crowbar * Disco Inferno * Shane Douglas * David flair * Goldberg * Juventud Guerrera * Horace Hogan * Jeff Jarrett * Mark Jindrak * Johnny the Bull * Kanyon * Kidman * Konnan * Ernest Miller * Sean O'Haire * Reno * Mike Sanders * Shawn Stasiak * Scott Steiner * Vampiro * vast Vito ECW: RAVENS FLOCK ( Misfits that should wrestle for the main area. you will possibly have Kidman, Raven Scotty Riggs, Kanyon, Saturn. adult males that should particularly wrestle and a few ECW originals interior the team to boot.)

  • Definetly. WWE needs The Rock, Stone Cold, The Acolytes to bring back energy to the show. How about this, Hogan, Rock , Flair and Stone Cold coming back to clean house and getting rid of the jabronni's. Then going against DX, Orton and Edge to form an ongoing rivalry.

  • It won't work right now, The rosters are to thin, maybe on the ECW/Smackdown brand, but raw is just one show and they kinda have unnamed factions now(DX, Jeff and good guys versus McMahon, Umaga and Orton)

  • only the nWo and the corporation or theministry should come back cuz dx needs to do there own thing for abit

  • I don't think now would be a good time, they need to build up the tag divisions more rather than focusing on factions.. Yes, factions were a good era and they should definately make a comeback, just not now..

  • they should, more drama.

    DX should come back, nwo never and revolution can't exist if DX does.

  • I think its a great idea because it branched off and wwe wasnt just wwe.

  • i think they should....creates drama with wrestling and more they can do with drama inside the faction as well

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