What team would be the best for kobe? thanks?

What team would be the best for kobe? thanks


  • I thought about it, and thought it might be best for him to go to a team like Sonics or Trailblazers, so he can carry them to playoffs, but then i thought about it again and realized he's already doing that in LA so why be traded.

    If you have a look at the good teams in the NBA most have at least 2 players who score in the 20's and 25's, and a group of good support cast that lift their scoring when their better scorers are having an off-night, Houston for example. And then you have teams like Spurs and Suns, who's scoring is normally fairly well spread out amongst 7-8 players.

    The problem with Kobe is that his style of basketball just does not suit these teams. If you add a "ballhog" like Kobe to these teams, their system would break down because they won't be able to play as a team when one player is taking up to 30 shots a game. These good teams are good because they are efficient, they don't rely on one player to shoulder the scoring like Laker's do. They take care of the ball very well and shoot when they are wide open because of ball distribution. But Kobe would chuck up a shot whether he is doubled or triple team. Having just one selfish player in teams like Suns, Rockets, Detroit or Spurs and the whole system and efficiency drops down.

    So even though it is a luxury to have a player that can score upwards of 30+ points on any given night, he can only do so if he has the ball in his hand, and when he does, it is denying other team mates the ball so their offence just would not work.

    In my opinion, Chicago is still the best place for him to go. Chicago rely a lot on Deng and Gordon to do their scoring, but if one of them were to be traded along with some scrubs for Kobe, i think their system would still work.

  • 5 teams I would like to see Kobe play for...

    1. Raptors...I'm from Toronto. So yeah.

    2. Suns...Run & Gun with Nash and Amare? Sickening.

    3. Golden State...Another high octane offense, this time along Baron Davis.

    4. Houston...Kobe and Yao would be more dangerous than T-Mac and Yao.

    5. New York...They need him and he would be playin in the mecca.

  • Knicks, But We Aint Got Enough To Offer Back. Really Detroit If They Can Come Up With The Right Package.

  • Yeah He Should Be On The L.A Sparks & Hu Knows He Might Win A Finals MVP...Hopefully........lol

  • A weak team with no talent, like Sacramento. That way he can be the star and able to look really good in the stat sheets without having to share the spotlight with others. Besides, weak team = less ego. Nobody is going to argue with him like Shaq does, and everybody is gonna treat him like royalty and have things his way.

  • Hornets or Portland somewhere he can be the superstar with a good supporting cast

  • to the bulls. the bulls need offense and plus with ben wallace helping them out and gordon on his side they could be unstopable

  • miami heat cuz he works great with Shaquille.


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