Will Fräulein Clinton ever TRUST the American People to make their own CHOICES?

"We just can't trust the American people to make those types of choices.... Government has to make those choices for people"

(From the book "I've Always Been A Yankee Fan" by Thomas D. Kuiper, p 20 - Hillary to Rep. Dennis Hastert in 1993 about her health care plan)

I Hope Hillary sets up 800 number so I can call in and ask her how to run my own life.

Yippee for the Nanny State! Put us to bed, Wake us up, Wipe our bums.....were all idiots looking to be led by the new Führer!


Führer und Oberster Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht!!!!


  • That's what she and all the other Democrats are afraid of ... people thinking for themselves and making their own choices. It's a lot easier to control people and keep them where you want them, doing what you want, when you keep them dependent on you. That's the Democratic way. Have a government program for everything that ails you. Once they've get you hooked to the strings, they can make you dance to any tune they play.

  • clinton is not in a position to trust people to make their decisions, nor is she in a position to trust her advisers.

    hillary does not understand how difficult it is to play god, but I feel she would certainly be willing to go the extra mile.

    you jest about an 800 number to help you run your life. that might not be so far fetched.

    seatbelts are manditory because they save lives or reduce insurance claims. anti-smoking campains do what for the country (I don't smoke). Vaccinating a child against Hep B before the age of 2 does what for this country?

    There is a myraid of questions to be asked, like who is really in control of the health care system that we have.

    I was at walter reed and that is totally socialized medicine like would be fostered on the public in the event healthcare is nationalized. To see a doc, you call for an appointment. They tell you what will work for you. You go see your doc. You need a referral, you call the appointment desk again. They tell you to show up for a cat scan at 12:50 in the morning...you best be there, you need a referral, you call the appointment desk back, In 14 months I was not able to complete simple things for health care as I was always waiting for the next appointment.

    Hillary is of course better than we are, so she would have more immediate access to heath care than we need. After all, she is truly a mother!

  • Horse manure, Hillary Clinton never stated that, attempting to color her as a Stalinist is laughable and could fail miserably, the liberals=commies tactic shouldn't artwork anymore, Bush ruined all neocon credibility, purely the individuals who already hate Democrats have self belief that rubbish, that's the independents that are leaving in the back of the Republicans in droves.

  • OK I choose not to have a war in Iraq. Will the conservatives let me make that choice?

  • hmm and I always thought we elected the people who we felt would make decisions for us, electing the ones that we felt would make the better decision...for US....but like usual, you go far above and beyond the context of statements.

  • No because we are to incompetent to know how to do anything without the government.

  • Like about abortion? The ultimate neonazi control is to take away the idea that cannot make their own choices when it comes to this issue. THAT is the Republican view - control. Get real.

  • Ironically every nanny state law passed in my state and city, NY, has been under Republican leadership. Pataki, Giuliani, Bloomberg, etc.

  • Hillary "Rotten" Clinton (Her Thighness)

    Is never gonna be president.

    However, she will always be the "Donkey Queen" in our hearts.

  • Hitlery Clinton will never trust us, she wants to cook us and eat us for dinner, how do you think she got such a FAT ***.

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