What services could your realtor provide to "WOW" you?

In addition to the regular services real estate agents provide, What special services would you enjoy from your real estate agent? What would make you feel special? Example: bringing you coffee on showing appointments.


  • How about sending you out to lunch on open house day. Movie tickets.

    A little written up item detailing the entire process, what to expect, my responsibilities and the responsibilities of the realtor.

  • Well, don't give me coffee while I am looking! I might spill it!

    The most valuable thing is to ONLY show me houses I might be interested in. If an agent is good that would be only 2 houses, each perfect for whatever I had in mind for that purchase. Not wasting my time and truly listening to me are really important.

    If you are talking about perks, treat me to breakfast or lunch while we chat about the houses (I know you can write that off). I like to drive my own car, but some people would appreciate the service of being driven.

  • Keep your coffee and special services. Just do your job. Show me properties that actually fit my requirements. Don't waste my time showing me houses that don't fit even my basic 'must have' list.

  • Driving me around to see property in a really nice car, and offering refreshments.

  • A good shoe shine is hard to find.

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