pimples on my arms?

i have it both above and below my elbows. im scared to wear short sleeves now to school and i always wear a jacket or sleeves to cover them. what can i do? is it what i eat? am i not cleaning my body right?


  • You can clean your skin with apple cider vinegar as a simple home remedy with great results. More such solutions at http://solutionsforpimples.blogspot.com/

  • I will always answer these questions with a "GO TO THE DOCTOR" theme...

    however, I know some people don't have health insurance. Look up MRSA...pick up some tea tree oil, and hibiclense if this is the case. See if that does the trick!

  • They are called chicken bumps. I think. I get them too. But they could be from soap you use, soap on your clothes, sheets, anything, lotion. I began to use the lotion from Philosophy that is called something like chicken bumps if you go to the counter and ask for it they know what it is. It works.

  • It could be the soap you use or that you are washing too often and not letting your body produce its own natural oils.

    Take it easy on the soaps and washing and consult a dermatologist.

  • not sure what causes this but I have had them too...as well as my nieces too....they are really nothing to worry about, you can get some exfoliating scrub and gently scrub them to see if that helps?

  • no its heriditary

    this this stuff at like drugstores and its like a scrub thats smooths it out

    but dont be too hard on it

    its obviously sensitive so protect and pay attention.=)

  • My son has that, it is from dry skin and is a skin condition. i forget the name, look up skin disorders symptoms etc. They have medication for it you get from the doctor.

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