you are really serious of deportation?

You people are really serious about deportation..I thought you was kidding i had no idea you could be so dumb to actually believe the goverment is capable of deporting 15 million or more people...I tried to warn you so it won't hurt you so much fear of accepting the reality..


  • Theres no way in hell, United States would ever get rid of all the illegal Immrigations. Theres too many, and more and more immigrations will still find a way to come to USA, even though they deport the majority of the illegal immrigations. I belive in deportation but only for those that commited a crime or they are criminals, not for those who work there *** off to live a good life and are not criminals.

  • There are other options besides deportation. You are right as far as it being a pratical end to this war. Deportation would be far too expensive and would use too much manpower.

    This is how I think we should deal with the illegals residing in our great country.

    I would like to see a CONDITIONAL amnesty given to all the illegals here now. (Assuming we are stopping more from coming in). The conditions ...

    They must learn basic English.

    They must learn some American history and culture.

    They must be financially dependent, i.e., either employed or have a financial sponsor.

    They must swear their allegiance to America and be signed up for the draft. (Within the draft eligibility guidelines)

    They will have a FELONY conviction on their records so they can never posses a gun or vote, even if they become citizens.

    They must do this within a time frame, such as 1 year. If they don't, or at least show effort after the time frame, they will be deported.

    This will only work if we protect our borders. If we keep allowing them in, it's just a waste of time!

  • i had no idea you could be so dumb

    to actually believe the goverment is NOT capable

    of deporting 15 million or more people.

    But IF The Government WONT Do It


    Will Take The Task With A Smile

    See mimilundgren's Answer (Below)

  • If he was once right here illegally within the first position and deported, he will have to no longer have simply snuck again in. This is not in any respect a racist comment, I simply consider that if he has little ample regard for the legislation that he broke them by means of sneaking in no longer as soon as, however two times, he will have to be jailed for a couple of years earlier than being deported.

  • I dont believe deportation of 15 million is possible at this moment, oh and as for "hunting season". no answer coming from a mind like that should even be considered given a though.

  • Hell yes we're serious. Tired of being over run in our own country. Tired of picking up the tab for the illegals. Probably no way to send them all back, but maybe we can slow down the tide flowing in.

    Personally, I prefer the deportation idea, and not just over the border, but far into the interior of wherever they are from.

  • We have to start somewhere. I work in a factory and the INS came in and checked the paperwork of the temp agency that supplies workers and they found 68 illegals and now they have been deported. The jobs they were doing are now going to Americans and the majority of them are older who couldnt get hired before.

  • Attrition will solve the deportation problem, free of charge and additional effort. Kinda like, forgetting to water a plant!

  • Its out of control....This issue should have been addressed, say 20 years ago?

    Since the election of Fox, and his subsequent presidency, the illegal immigration to this country has only been made worse...He has done nothing for Mexico, he has the worse record on new job creation for Mexico ever. He is a conservative, who is an industrialist.

    The new candidate is a Fox repeat....I don't see the problem going away anytime soon...This govt. along with Mexico's, have a global agenda....I don't see this govt. doing anything either...

  • If we can build super highways, if we can build huge cities with massive buildings, if we can send aid all over the world...

    deporting 20 million or so illegals will be a piece of cake!

    Leave now while you can pack up your things...

    Later, you will leave with the clothes on your back....

    ALSO, it appears that the Canadians will take you...either way,


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