Original, non-expensive gift for a tween?

Im a tween and my wish list is bare. I dont want the kind of stuff the average tween wants such as ipods, cell phones, cds, or clothes. I want something original, and nothing WAY too expensive. Thanks!


  • A waffle that sings to you in your sleep?

    Anything else?

  • Then go ask for a gift card or money, and the present you want will come around, then you can buy it with that... Like $20 or $40 if you want ")

  • relies upon on why you're giving them a recent. Is it a birthday or a definite thank-you for something they did for you? it may look somewhat weird and wonderful to grant the type of lavish present except the reason warrants it. according to danger they do no longer think of they are undesirable? according to danger their infants are their richness in existence. according to danger they do no longer value issues like Nintendo video games. some mothers and fathers do no longer purchase their infants those issues on purpose as some mothers and fathers don't have self belief in young infants playing computing gadget video games. considered one of my friends did no longer actually have a television years in the past by fact the mothers and fathers did no longer desire their young infants observing it. additionally do no longer forget approximately, the video games for the Nintendo are surprisingly high priced, so as that they might no longer be waiting to function to the video games in the event that they are as troublesome up as you assert. whether that's basically a recent to experience sorry for them, then i does no longer do it - it must be for a reason in any different case it is going to probable be weird and wonderful and insulting.

  • My gosh! Apparently these people are incapable of answering an easy question. Anyway. some things you might want?

    -gift cards?


    ask for shoes!

    I love shoes

    or maybe you could look up cool necklaces and ask for that. I'm asking for a locket. not many people wer lockets anymore. here are some examples of cool necklaces---





    you could also ask for a charm bracelet and each occasion have your parents give you a new charm.

    hope i helped :)

  • im sure r-kelly would be willing to come over and dash her with some pee. Shouldn't be to expensive he hasn't went platinum in a while.

  • you're asking random strangers what you want?? u dont even freaking know what you want!?!?! well then i suggest u get an acceptance letter to a mental asylum:) is that original enough for you??

  • Get yourself a bra, those will be coming in sooner or later. probably sooner if your 12.

  • How about an African Tiki mask

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