Which breed of dog is in this youtube video?


While watching a YouTube video I saw the most amazing looking dog but I have no idea of the breed. I am currently looking for a family pet and would love to know if anyone out there could identify the breed of dog for me?


Sorry for the long URL...

At approx 2.30 seconds into the vid you can see the dog in question.

If anybody could help me it would be very much appreciated.


  • Looks like a beagle mix.

  • i'm no longer completely beneficial, yet, it sounds like it can be a blended breed puppy. some breeds at the instant are complicated to tell aside as domestic dogs have self belief it or no longer. it can be a Husky, shiba Inu, Pomerainian, something like that. Sorry I couldnt be extra effectual. perhaps in case you're able to locate an analogous dogs at an older age approximately 7 months+

  • Looks like a mix between a Beagle and Dachshund.

  • That is a mix, likely containing beagle or some sort of hound.

  • Lovable.

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