The media: Nazis are bad, therefore Communists are good?

I think this is how our overall media has educated us for decades. It is not a message that clear or direct, but I think the subconscious message is: Nazis are bad, therefore Communists are good.

One of the primary reasons I say this is because we constantly see reports and biographices about the horrors of the holocaust. We rarely see any similar reports or biographies related to Stalin, Pol Pot, and such. Not making enough emphasis on how bad Communism also was / is (yes, Communism is alive and being reborn for this exact same reason), has been leading MANY people to actually think Communism was good.

If someone today says: Long live Hitler, that person is damned.

If someone today says: Long live Stalin! Or... Long live Pol Pot! (or any of the other big Communist names), said person is fairly well accepted in society.

And I think it is wrong. Both the Nazis and the Communists were / are VERY BAD, and both should be strongly discouraged in our society.

But the media somehow seems to make heroes out of Communists. Out of groups such as Shining Path, FARC, people like Pol Pot, etc.

Ok I guess I explained my point... So, what do you think? Do you think the media in general has deliberately benefitted Communists?


Howard: I was already around by the end of the Cold War. I have also lived in Communist / Pseudo-Communist countires AFTER the Berlin wall fall. Today more countries are walking back into being Communist or Pseudo-Communist. I think the Cold War is far from over. We are in what some call The New Cold War, with the aggravating factor that lots of people don't even know about it (yet).

Communism isn't over, and having the media act in an apologist way will only help make it grow back quick.

But anyways, today things are more complex too... But it isn't gonna be a good thing. Thanks for the reply anyways.


  • Because media is controlled by those students who went to school and totally ate up that whole liberal professor flavor-aid

    Communism in the real world was never really pure, if someone could do it just right it would be perfect

    The killing wasnt really Mao's or Stalin's fault it was generals or something

    Their brilliance overshadows their cruelty and mass murdering

  • A lot of the media is controlled by Jewish people. I suppose they have more sympathy for Communists, who fought against Nazis. I guess they also think that if the World leans more towards the left, they will all be safer, though this is only a thought.

    The problem is, with that attitude they are still being apologists of Stalin, Mao, and such. And thats plain wrong, because the media reach people, and if people end up getting bad ideas, things will probably end in a bad way.

    Nazis are bad and Communists are bad and this is a message that should be repeated, so that people grow up with this in mind, and seek other political tendencies / views (or even new ones).

  • The Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot's killing fields, Soviet gulags, etc. all took place after the Holocaust. By showing those massacres as being equally severe to what Hitler did, it tarnishes America's "NEVER AGAIN" stance on genocide. When in reality it happened many times over, and in some cases the genocide was even worse than what happened in the 1940's. It's MANDATORY for Holocaust studies to be taught in schools, but very few young people know that Mao and Stalin were responsible for more deaths. Those dictators are less of a 'taboo' for the fact that their atrocities aren't as well known or taught. It's ignorance not a left wing conspiracy. I highly doubt many people know about the genocide committed by the Suharto regime against East Timor, or the ethnic cleansing committed by the Burmese government... And none of these atrocities were committed by communists.

    America likes bringing up the Holocaust because it credits itself with stopping the massacres. I see that footage of American GIs liberating a German concentration camp, played over and over again on TV. Other atrocities aren't given as much 'air time' or are virtually ignored, because we did nothing about them. We overlooked, (and continue to) overlook a lot of wrong doings. Darfur is a prime example: where's the media attention there?

  • The Nazis did not care about looking bad or not. They basically were willing to wear big signs saying, "Hey, we're evil".

    Communists were geniuses in public relations. I mean genuises. Read "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinksy. He was a very horrible man that did great damage to his country, but he was completely honest. He detailed how modern communism is inherently based on presenting a false public relation front.

  • lol, I would love for you to find someone who would be generally accepted for shouting about how they love Stalin or Pol Pot.

    The communists replaced the nazis as Americas big, evil enemy. Since you probably werent around during the Cold War, you should probably read up on it. Red-baiting is still very much alive and well and youre basically disproving your own point here.

  • The liberals adopted many communist ideals. Of course communist murders will be portrayed as the good guys while America is portrayed as the "evil imperialistic nazis" by the same liberals.

  • i take it you missed the cold war. you also must've missed these classic pop corn movies Red Dawn, RamboIII, and The fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series. Communists have been serving as the bad guys since the Nazis were defeated.

  • Yes that's true both the communists and the fascists were evil

  • i agree. it's that same stigma that tells society it's "cool" to have your politicians framed in that revolutionary artsy look... or that makes it acceptable for a shop owner to sell a "che" beanie, when he wouldn't dare sell a hitler beanie.'s strange - logic tells you both are bad, but somehow we feel more accepting of one.


    bah... it's that same media logic that tries to make us believe in the right/left wing rubbish.


    ...more gov't = more gov't can't spin that any other way but down

  • So by your school of thought....The Nazis and socialist France are????

    It's not that cut and dry.

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