True or False: You have/had kids in your high school talk smack, but never really did anything?


I have so many kids like that at my school..

they talk smack, but never even do anything

-my point is, it's a like a pet peeve to me

-just like getting a paper-cut or......turning the TV on and no good shows are on and then you find yourself watching Maury..then you wanna know who the father is :)

BQ- I hope you had a good day. Did you?



You guys are funny

and my day was good too. :)


  • TRUE, these bxtches were talking about how "gross" my green hair is.

    Have the decency to say it to ma face.

  • True, this one kid was such a wannabe badass and would always run his mouth and then the one time he actually got in a fight he got his *** kicked by some smaller kid like two years younger than him.

    BQ: Yeah it was alright.

  • So TRUE, it really bothers me a lot when I hear them talk bad things about me behind my back (well, they think its behind my back when really, I could hear them anyway). And i'm not really brave enough to defend myself, so I just sit there and listen to them laugh at me. God I hate High School.

    BQ: Nah, it's only morning, so my day has just started ^_^

  • All the time. I've had like 3948574986399659487649396985487 people threaten to bash me up and I've never ever been in a physical fight in my 16 years of life.

    BQ: Yes. You?

  • In high school I'm not as much. In middle school I would get beaten up, people would spit on me, I got stabbed with pencils, a kid pulled a knife on me but didn't do anything, got called names, people would destroy my projects before I turned them in, they would draw all over me, stick gum on me etc.

  • All the time, kids at our school are all little white kids afraid of getting kicked out

  • At my school, we talk smack, we give a smack ..

    BQ: No, i actually had a horrible day:(

  • No. We seniors didn't allow such BS.

    BQ- It was busy, to say the least.

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  • True

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