Guys: Is it a turn off if a girl is sick/gets injured a lot?

Like gets sick often (cold or flu), has allergies, bone/joint problems, anything? I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis), had kidney issues, allergies to a lot of stuff, dislocated jaw (not noticeable), sprained/broken a lot of stuff. I don't let it all affect my daily life and always in good spirit but I have my bad days sometimes. Is this a turn off to guys?


  • Regular illness is a turn-off to both sexes. There aren't many people who find chronic or frequent sickness attractive. It does vary with the type of illness: a problem that produces nothing visible wrong and does not restrict one's activities very much isn't likely to be a strong turn-off, but something that produces disfigurement and/or severely restricts daily activity is going to discourage a lot of people.

    Thus, high blood pressure probably won't be a turn-off at all for anyone, since it is invisible and has very little effect on daily life (apart from taking occasional pills), but a serious skin disease could drive away just about everyone. And this is true even though high blood pressure is more of a threat to health over the long term than most skin diseases.

  • I'm not a guy, but if a guy responds to this as "yes it's a turnoff", he's a real *** and should never have a gilfriend

  • seriously no its not a turn off ---- he will love you for who you are not how healthy you are

  • nah it's not that long she and i can be together if i like her

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