why do women run out on????

good guys like me. i dont hit her, abuse her in any way. I support, love, and stand behind her 100%. Yet whaen times get hard, she says its too much and says we should go seperate ways. I am self employed with 3 businesses, sometimes I dont make alot of money when its slow. Is that enough to leave me, or is she after my money?


  • You are in love with the wrong woman. She is after your money. A woman who truly loves you, won't care if you have a million dollars or one red cent. She's in it for the long haul...through the good and the bad.

    There is someone out there for you. And the longer you keep the wrong one around, you are blocking the right one from coming in.

  • If you don't make enough money to support the family and there's never any extra, maybe she would prefer that you get one good steady job and drop the 3 businesses. For some guys being self-employed is more like a hobby for them. Is she carrying all the load at times? Maybe you can't afford to buy a home or even have children because she HAS to work.

  • My friend, you are not learning some hard lessons, for which I am sorry for you. But, as I PERSONALLY SEE IT, the following are the best answers for you.

    Women can find much more to like and love about a bad boy then they ever do a good man. It seems that women never value or appreciate a man that treats them well or does what he is suppose to do. Basically, they have no respect for you if that is how you are.

    Women only really try to work with men who show the woman they dont really need or want them. For some reason, when you show a woman that you want or need them, it turns them off to you. There is an old adage: If you treat a woman well, you cannot keep her. If you treat her like crap, you cannot run her off. It gets proven true daily, even if no one wished to admit to it.

    She may be like so many people today. They only care about how they feel and what they want as well as what gets them what they want and feeling good. When times get hard, she has to be more dependable and responsible and supportive of you, which she isnt interested in doing pal.

    She is only interested in herself, plain and simple. When the food and wine and good times, at least as she sees them, runs out, so does she.

    Plus, if you look at much of what is asked on here by women, you will find that they usually can find a thousand and one excuses for whatever they do as well as a thousand and one people who will take her side or excuse them or whatever. With all that at your disposal, why would you care to do the right things anyway.

    Dude, you are just suffering what many of us have suffered before you and you are now learning how so many of us have come to see women for what they truely are.

  • Coming from a woman (and it still doesn't make any sense), some women just want guys who treat them like dirt. I have a sister like that. Her husband constantly talks like dirt to her, and has hit her a couple of times, but she stays. I truly believe that it is a self-esteem issue for them. When things are good, they don't think they deserve it, so they act out by starting a fight, saying negative things about themselves, or, by leaving, etc. Maybe if there are no children involved, you should consider that maybe you deserve better than someone who doesn't mind hurting you like that.

  • Most women want a man who will stand in front of her most of the time not behind her.

    Not that women are weaker but they are much more suseptable to being swayed by their emotions, alot of women want a man who will lead, this takes alot of stress off of the woman.

    So you might want to rethink the positivity you place in "standing behind a woman 100%". Some women need to know you are a man and will lead.

  • How can she wants to leave u when you have financial problem? she married you for better or worst. Imagine if you are sick and can't work? Do you think she will be there for you?

    off course she is after your money. Just let her go, if she think the other side is greener

    and find some one that is not after your money

    Happy holiday

  • If that's the type of person that she is and she can't stand by you, love you, and support you, then she needs to grow up. She certainly doesn't seems to take your relationship seriously. That's what's a matter with people today; as soon as something goes wrong, they're out the door.

  • She sounds like a person who will be there only when times are good. If she cant be there for the good and bad then leave her alone. You deserve someone that will be with you regardless.

  • hun I'm sorry to be so blunt but, take a hint she doesn't love u. I'm married and i would still be with my hubby if we had to live in a shack. when ur in love the only thing u cant live with out is the person ur in love with. good luck sweety, I'm sorry it must really suck. cut ur ties.

  • Not all women are like that. Communication is your best key to finding the answers to this question. We are guessing, which will continue to leave you guessing.

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