how long did it take you to plan your wedding....?

and how many months or years did you start actually buying stuff and making stuff??

and with what did you start??


please be as specific as you can


  • about a month from start to finish, im very organised lol

  • He proposed to me last christmas and we are getting married this christmas. So roughly a year but I did not start the planning until about 2 months ago.

    The only thing I did in advance (last March) was book the place of the reception. So this is what I started with.

    I bought my wedding dress only last month.

  • i started planning since feb 2007 and my wedding is april 2008. since i started early a lot of places and venues were available for us to choose from. we looked at many florists for the right budget and cakes, djs, photography, reception sites and ceremony sites. we are pratically done with everything. just have to talk to catering and get my dress altered and little things like that done. all the big stuff are done which took us about 5months. i started with a small binder and ended up with a 2inch binder. the most important thing we started with was finding the ceremony site and the reception site and next was a finding a great photographer. i wanted to start early because i hate having to scramble around and doing things last minute.

  • My now husband asked me to go ring shopping one month after we started dating in 2003. He proposed 3 months later after we found the perfect ring. We then stated planning the wedding which was to be in Sept of 2005. We saved our money and figured everything out in detail - it worked out so well!

    We've been married over 2 years now and together over 4 years. Take your time and plan your dream wedding!

  • I started in February, my wedding was in August. It took me six months and I actually had a big fancy wedding (350 guests). The first thing I started with was the reception location in order to secure my date. But...before anything, you should start on your budget so you know where to look and what for. Begin with game plan first

  • We were engaged eight months before the wedding, so that's how long we had to plan! We were lucky that we could book everything we wanted/needed in that time - in a lot of cities you need to book things a year in advance, such as the minister/church, venue and caterer, and the band.

  • It took me a year and a half. I had to make sure I had time to get everything to perfection. Plus this also gave me time to focus on work which focusing on the wedding. Also during this time, I made sure that he was the one I wanted to spend and eternity with. With the marriage, we first started by selecting the dates and what worked for every one. Next, as the time passed we worked on the registry. Booking the priest and music/band came next because I wanted to be extra sure that they were free. Everything else just followed!

  • It took me three months to plan a wedding in Las Vegas with 14 people in attendance. I cannot imagine planning a big wedding-this would take me three years:)

  • engaged in Sept. '04, married in April of next year ('05).

    we wanted to bypass hurricane season (live in FL), so it was either before June, or after October. i bought a few things that we didn't even use pretty quick, but we ended up getting a wedding planner who took care of everything. my step-mother and father went to the Philippines, and she surprised me with my dress. apart from that, we didn't have much to worry about.

  • It took me around an hour, mostly because I wanted to find the perfect red dress. I purchased catering from Qdoba the week before and we had a party with our families after we got back from the courthouse.

    That's what I did. : )

  • total time was a year and a half...started with venues because if you can't get the places you want you can't really continue with the planning. go to lots of bridal shows this winter .....

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