ex problems..?

My ex hates my guts. And im starting to dislike him too, yet im still madly inlove with him. (he doesnt know) But im confused because i want to apologize to him for everything, but it prolly wont do much. what should i do? continue trying to dislike him or what....


  • It sounds to me that you should have as little to do with him as possible.

  • Okay, first of all, let me just say that I absolutely think you should apologize to him. Even if it ends up not doing anything. Because if you're truly in love with this guy, you'll regret for the rest of your life never taking that one step and apoligizing. It can't do any harm, right?

    Second of all, even if he doesn't react positively to it at first, just give it some time. In the end, you two may wind up being friends. And though that may seem painful for you, just think of it this way: If you truly love him, then you'll be happy when he's happy. And as a friend you'll be able to make him happy. Perhaps not as much as before, but he'll appreciate you being there for him.

    And third of all, if you become his friend, there is a very big chance that the two of you could become something more. It's always worth taking that one step.

    Whether you take it or not could change your life forever.

  • You could try to be the bigger and better person and talk to him about everything and try to apologize and ask him if you could both try to be civil to one another despite your past. I think it'd be best if you put aside your feelings of being madly in love with him, because that probably won't help either of you right now. If you really have a problem with him hating you, you should talk about it and try to work out your relationship so you can have a decent friendship. If he doesn't want to listen though, then it's his problem and you have a right to continue disliking him.

  • You should go ahead and apologize, whether or not it does any good or he accepts your apology. It will give you some closure, and you'll get rid of some of the guilt over your past and things you might have done that you regret. The apology will be for your peace of mind as well as for his benefit. I strongly suggest offering it! Who knows? He might accept. Don't go into it with expectations, though. The only purpose is to apologize sincerely, and move on.

    My brother apologized to his extremely hostile ex-wife, out of the blue. They hadn't spoken in a couple of years. They managed to come out of it with respect for one another.

  • i'm assuming you and your ex have recently broken up. relationship experts say it takes a third of the total time you were together to get over your relationship. at this stage in your "relationship," it's normal for you to still love him, but you have to move on. try to apologize, but do not try to contact him beyond that. contact beyond the apology on your part will only make you seem pathetic, particularly in his eyes. hooking up with him may give him the permission to see you as a "booty call." give yourself space from him and do the things you've always liked to do. hang with friends and maybe start a new hobby. those will hopefully help you get over the ex.

  • I think I would let it go and move on....If he dislikes you that much, there's probably NO turning back. You can apologize, but usually with guys, once it's that far gone, you'll just be making a fool out of your self...If he wants you back in anyway, he'll come to you.

  • You may feel that apologizing wont do much but it really does, if not for him then it will for you, if you feel there is something you need to apologize for then do it, you need to get it out of your system and clear the air, so call him and tell him you need to get something off your chest, tell him there are no strings attached, just you needing to say a few things, tell him you are sorry, that you love him but you understand if he is not willing to accept that and that you feel better just getting it out in the open, be willing to leave it at that, do not push him into a conversation or for him to say anything back to you, you have to do this for yourself, get it out of your system and off your chest, leave the ball in his court. It will kill you to just walk off , or hang up if you call him but just say a few lines of apology and state your feelings, absolve him of responding, just clear your mind ok, he may be left speechless, he may have something to say to you, just try your best to walk away, say "I dont want you to feel I am asking for anything, I am just getting this off my chest, now I feel better and I do not want to bother you anymore. I understand if you do not want to talk to me anymore, but now I can walk away with closure. thanks for listening" and leave.

    Be strong, let it go, if it is meant to be then he will call you, but let him have time to think over all this. Practice what you want to say and narrow it down to a few short lines, then be done with it and walk away. You will feel stonger and you will get the answers you need in how he reacts. Do not chase him, if he is done with the relationship then find a way to move on and let it go, I know ... easier said than done, but its for the best if he doesnt want a relationship, you cant force it and get anything good from it. so try this, rehearse or practice in the mirror or with a friend, be confident and sure of what you are going to say, you can do this. Be strong in yourself. Good luck.

  • You should tell him how you feel about him.

    N if you r inlove with him that much n you think you should apologize to him thats you

  • I've always found it liberating to just come clean with my feelings and move on. You can always write him a letter about how you feel (which he can read and re-read, plus you get to get all your thoughts out uninterrupted) and then get on with your life, leaving whatever happens after that up to him.

  • you might as well do it, so you don't dwell on it for the rest of your life, but most likely you just miss the thought of him, not really the relationship you shared, if you got him back you probably wouldn't end up being happy

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