My brother likes to talk about my period?

He's my twin. We are really close an I love him to death. When we lived at home I had to tell him when I started cuz we shared a room so he was really comfertable with it.

But to this day!! He knows when I'm on my period and ask how it is like it's a person! He'll b like " so r u having cramps? U want me to bring u something? Is it heavy? U need pads or tampons?? R u almost out? U want me to come over and clean for you?? Blah blah blah". as kids he always did my work for me but I'm GROWN NOW lol. I have my own house and he was a house and a girlfriend and a son!

I'm not saying I hate it but how can I tell him it's not so serious to the point that he needs to call in??


  • Maybe its a twin thing, so I wouldn't know. but I ask my brother about his sexuality. I guess some siblings just always stay curious. its like when you're little and if you see them naked you're gonna ask, "whys it dangling?" plus like myself he could be sexually secure and open. just tell him to quit and dont respond to the questions so he gets a clue.

  • That is really different. I would be a little weirded out but I always feel weird talking in detail about periods to guys. Tell him nicely, " I got this!" i had a period for awhile now and so do most women in the world. Thanks but it is no big deal and not normal for you to be so interested in my period.???

  • well most guys know when women come on that's normal some guys care but women always want to keep it secret just tell him your fine and forget about the period thing or make it a joke its nothen to be embarrassed about. most women come on around full moon

  • Ask him to stop talking about your personal details and just leave the subject alone. It is out of bounds. If he continues to ask, ignore him. He will get the message

  • Some siblings get interestind in sexual things "cough"mybrother"cough" and the talk about it to anny you. Just ignore them.

  • if it bothers you so much tell him

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