I'm going out whit a boy that my friend likes what should i do?

brack up whit him

stay whit him

tall my friend


  • tell ur friend...man u knoe she liked him before u started dating him ?

  • Stay with him, dont just think about your self, think about how much he likes you, if he wanted to be with your friend then he would have gone out with her. But he chose you. Dont let other people push you, be strong and dont give up that easily.

  • da best way iz if u wanna b w/t him just talk 2 ur friend b4 she findz out by anada person or @ lest try 2 talk

  • I think you should wait until you can read and write and then maybe your "boy" will have grown into a man. By then, things should have sorted themselves out.

  • well do u think ur friend wil understand?if u think she wont just tell her aanyway.if she finds out on her own she might b more hurt.so tell her slowly.and gently.u never klnow she might like sum1 else.

  • Learn how to spell simple words like "with, break, tell" and don't speak to the Internet about your problems.

  • Well darlin....you really need to work on the spelling....then you could send him a note and ask him what he thinks about the situation.

  • talk to your friend and see how she feels about it. if she is so in love wit him that she stalks him and has his phone number but he doesn't know then don't go wit him and get your friend some help

  • get ready to be stomped on by all of your friends......and it realy realy hurts trust me i made the same mistake and now i have no1

  • tell your friend and talk about it. if she really is your friend she will understand. he is goin out wit u because he likes u not her

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