Have you ever seen a girl fight?

I saw one in 8th grade when a girl was thrown to the floor by another girl and called a skank. I guess the 'skank' was messin with some elses man.hahaha


  • Yea totally. Girls fight over the dumbest things it seems. Boys,friends,clothes.... its unbelievable

  • Yeah sounds about 8th grade. That was the last time I saw a girl fight too. Only the girls were just angry at eachother not about a man.

  • Actually no. Not a boom! crash! bang! fistfight. The Biggest I've seen is one girl call the other Skank, whore, and loser, and only once too. People live in harmony in Canada I guess compared to the states :P

  • Yeah, I saw these two women (they were lovers) beat the everloving crap out of eachother. They weren't hair pulling or anything, it was a real knock down drag out fight. I would have gotten between them, but one of the girls looked like she could have been in the marines if she'd wanted to.

  • Last year, I saw one girl throw another one on the floor in the middle of the caf, then kick her in the face. It got broken up before things got good.

  • I did in highschool when I was on the bus and two girls outside the bus by my window got into a fist fight. It was interesting. I could have done better and kicked both of their @sses

  • Like to see 'em lovin' not fightin'.

    Signed: The Lesbian Lovin' Overweight Lover

  • yeah...i've had to thrown down on some skanks in my time, too

  • uh yea ive seen a girl fight...

    good question.

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