This guy I have a crush on, his mom died, how do I console him? I'm not close to him.?

He's my co worker, and I feel so sad for him losing his mother. I am not close to him, nor do I want to be a bother to him. He comes back to work soon, but I am not exactly sure what to say to him. Ask if he needs anything or anyone to talk to? And I mean it, too. He's a real sweet guy, very nice to everyone. We aren't close, but we talk every now and then. But I don't want to try to get with him during this, but I also feel horrible. I feel like I would have a break down if my mom passed.

I'm really awkward.I just don't want to appear creepy, but I do care.


  • When I found out the guy I like's mom passed away over the summer, i sent him a brief but sweet message on facebook saying i'm really sorry about his loss, and i wished him well. he was my friend, but i really hadn't gotten to know him that well yet. but i did have a crush on him. like you, i felt genuinely bad for him and was sad that he was sad. When i saw him again after the summer he thanked me for my message. i told him i'm always around if he wants someone to talk to, and he looked happy that he had someone he felt safe to share his feelings with if he wanted to. And we did end up talking about it together sometimes.

    So i'd suggest something like that. Don't feel embarrassed about telling him you're around if he needs a friend, the is no shame in being kind to someone, regardless of if you know them very well or not. :)

  • Just tell him simply that he has your sympathy for the loss of his mother, and if he needs someone to talk to, you'll be there for him. Short and sweet and meaningful to most people.

  • What wolf said- and give him your number! Don't get mad or sad if he never calls either- at least he has your number....if you see him struggling to get work done volunteer to do the work for him or help...

  • simply say "hey if you need someone to talk to i'm here" don't make it weird =p just state the facts ya know.

  • You have to be there for him this time . Then he will know u care .

  • bake him some cookies or a cake

    its shows you care

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