Is this an ok way to get dumped by your girlfriend?

I was out of town for a week. When I got back, I really missed her and wanted to go out. I called her and asked, and she said she was very busy with college and stuff, but that she really missed me, and hoped to be free for me soon.

So every two or three days I gave her a call to see if she was free yet, but she said she wasn't, but she still convinced me she was interested.

A few weeks of this goes by, and then I call her on the weekend to see if she was free for dinner, and she said, "sorry, but I'm dating someone else now."

...Should I feel like garbage, because I do?


  • Good as any my friend...

    It never feels wonderful to get dumped and it seems girls always have to be dishonest one way or another when breaking up. I think it's just one of their girl rules. Probably because being a little cruel in a breakup can protect them from having to face a guy telling them how much they care... how they're willing to change... asking for a chance to work things out... when she's just plain not interested anymore. A little anger and distance. A quicker and easier split.

    Games people play... Don't take it too personally...

    Don't get discouraged. Keep on keepin' on!!! You'll find the right one eventually.

  • WOW! Sorry to hear. That's fukt up! I think she kept saying she was interested to you but deep down she knew she was playing you till she found her next victim.

    You feel like garbage because you are a normal human being with feelings. I would feel the same way too.

    She is so selfish and mean, also a coward. Easier said than done- but try to move on. Good luck!

  • Well ... there never is a good way to get dumped. And the whole "dumped" thing really does lead to feeling like . . . well, garbage, right?

    So . . . try not to take it too personally - obviously, she wasn't that great a gal or she would have handled this better.

    Hang in there and you will find the right someone.

    Best of luck!

  • Yes, you should feel like garbage...But only for a day or two...No longer. You will then realize how lucky you are and hope that other dude gets married to her. She is spineless to do a thing like that. Do you want that in a woman? She'll get married and lie to her husband and not want to tell him that she is having an affair, and she will just leave him.

    I hope that makes you feel better.

  • No, she should feel like garbage. She's a coward for not being direct and honest with you. Misleading and being deceptive by someone you care about is horrible.

    Write this off as an experience. If this is how she is while you two were dating, at least you didn't marry her. Consider yourself lucky.

  • Okay, the red light was already ON in your head otherwise, you would have just "dropped in" to see her instead of continually calling her, for what, 3 weeks? Please, you didn't want to face the fact and you were in as much denial as she was....and honestly, that really was more like a mutual "dump" because there was no confrontration.......consider it a blessing not something to feel like garbage about.

  • I have never been through experience like this but I can imagine how much pain you have to suffer. I believe your "gf" was trying to keep you while she wasnt sure that other guy like her or not. Now her new relationship is stable, so she dumped you~ Poor guy~ But I think you're a great guy and you can stand up again and find a very nice girl. :) Lets work hard for you bright and happy future~!

  • She's an IDIOT! Don't waste your time on her. Obviously she is a hater, a hater that you went out of town and SHE DIDN'T! So to make you feel like crap, she went an F*ck another dude to get back at ya. I'd dump that tramp! DON'T WORRY, SHE'LL COME BACK TO YOU AND WHEN SHE DOES...ignore the B! Move on and get a prettier girl with more class, she seems like White Tr*sh!

  • Don't feel like garbage, just learn to be more aware. apparently she wasn't feeling too connected with you. Actually if anyone's garbage here it's her and not because of what she did but how she did it (she wouldn't want it done to her like that). 2 options, either sink to that level for the rest of your life (and regret like she will eventually) or rise, become more enlightened......actually it's technically enlightenment either way.

  • wow, yeah, that was low. I'm sorry you had to go through that, but don't dwell on it for too long. Learn from it, and grow. Move on to a woman who respects you and adores you. Yes, there is one out there. Cheer up, friend. You're ok. She was in the wrong, not you.

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