i think ive grown out of my friends. am i a bad person help me?

my friends seem so stupid now.i have like 3 main friends. i came back from summer break and feel a little more mature. but they haven't changed at all. all they do is sit around and talk about other people. and they know they'll never say it to the persons face. and every time i try to participate in BIG school activities they say their too scared and when i say lets go for a jog. their making really lame excuses and one friend. wooo. this girl still thank she five. she is such a compulsive liar. and one time when me were on The bus she told every one she turns into a wolf at night!!!!! r u serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when we were little we used to always take about have terrible the popular girls were . but now they seem pretty cool. they start conversations with me. and the popular boys are even starting to flirt with me!!!!!!!! and some times i avoid them be cause im scared of what my friends will think. help!!


  • That doesn't make you a bad person. Don't hang with them as much. It's good that you are getting more mature.. It sounds like it's a good thing that you are growing out of them. It's your 50% your choice who your friends are.

  • You're not a bad person! You've just changed! It's a normal part of growing and maturing! Unfortunately, your friends haven't and it's ok to hang out with other people too! Maybe you should just calmly and nicely tell your friends that sometimes they act a little immature or something like that. Good luck(:

  • Its natural.

    Im kind of the same way.

    As you age the way you feel about things change too.

    I feel the same about all of my friends.

    I used to love hanging out with my friends but people irritate me so bad now.

    If you don't like your friends, then change them.

    Otherwise you'll just be miserable and eventually you'll grow to dislike them more and more.

  • Life goes on. If you don't feel comfortable with your friends, then don't hang out with them. Trust me, if you drag on the guilt, it'll only get worse and you'll miss out on more mature friends you'll meet.

  • well done,

    You've reached puberty.

    It's great, isnt it.

    I grew out of my old friends, and found some new ones, it wasnt easy but it had to be done.

    Just make sure you dont seem to high and almighty with your behaviour or things will end badly.

  • If they are true friend they'll except you. If not, then you always have time to find other friends.

  • everyone matures at different times... you just matured faster then them

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