Will the clear coat on my newly painted car get shinnier as I buff it?

I just had my car painted, and the clear coat is REALLY uneven. Some spots are really nice, while other spots are blotchy, and dull. The guy who painted me car told me the more I buff it with a buffer and wax, the dullness will eventually become shinny. Is he right? I dint really trust him, because he has lied to me many times before.


  • well

    gloss comes from a smooth even surface

    so, technically, with a buffer, you will be smoothing the surface down each time you use it

    however, he shouldve wetsanded the car after he painted it.

    if he didnt do that, which it sounds like he didnt

    then i doubt its ever gonna be shiny

  • Newly Painted? NO!... It Will Wear On It. If Anything Try To Make The Car Evenly Blotchy And Dull Or Take It Back For A Better Job. Don't Buff.

  • first wait at least few weeks for clear to cure. Here the most important step for a Professional look. Get some wet sand paper 1500 grit mix little dish soap with water and start sanding car in a strait motion action not in circles. Then use a variable speed buffer with a sponge pad with polishing compound. Start buffing until desired shine. Note do not use high speed to do this procedure it will damage paint. Start with low settings for best results

  • He lied to you. The clear coat should be as shiny as its going to get. He did a bad paint job. If you paid him to paint the car demand that he sand the clear coat down smooth and apply a good coating of clear coat.

  • If the paint is fresh, it is generally suggested that you wait a while, I am guessing that they did not use a UV light to cure it, I would not touch it for months in that case.

    And the only way you might cure some of that unevenness is to use a cutting compound to actually removing some of it, wax only covers. Further, could it be possible that the clear coat was not mixed right in which case it might not work?

    My question is, did a) your insurance company send you there b) are they part of a chain? If either, complain.

  • I'm a painter by trade and can see that your question has not been answered. The clear will not improve with anything you can do.It needs to be professionally water sanded smooth then buffed with rubbing compound.This is something we always do unless the car is not worth the trouble,it's a lot of hard work.This guy is hoping you will go away,sorry.

  • No you do no longer sand it right down to demonstrate steel... that's the worst factor you are able to possibley do. in the experience that your motor vehicle has no dents or scraches or something, run the finished factor down in 320 grit, 4 hundred grit, and 600 to end it off for portray. you will possibly be able to additionally use intense grades in case you go with an superior end yet yet 600 will do precisely fantastic.

  • how many coats of clear did they put on? i used 3 coats on my vette and buffed it to get any over spray that dried to fast. there is a wrong way to apply clear coat,

    was any hardener used in it? was it thinned to much? was it applied to heavy?what was the air temp and humidity?

    if the base coat turned out ok dont despair you can cut the clear coat down and reapply a nice even clear again.

  • get a soft sanding block and 2000 grit sand paper. Keep wet at all times and wet-sand the car in wide, even sweeping motions and it will become very shiny and glossy

  • Well if it is kind of spoty then buffing it may work but it will take a real good buffing just make sure you do not put swirl markis in it especialy if its new paint it is real soft

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