Should I end my relationship of 3 years?

Let me start off by stating that i know it's wrong, but I have been checking my boyfriends phone and other online accounts to make sure that he is being true to me. (What can I say, my trust had been tested by him in the past when I accidentally stumbled onto some texts that were definitely inappropriate.)

Anyway, he had been behaving until what I found in his phone tonight. He has been texting a girl that is 6 years younger than us. We are 24. I know he used to communicate with her before we were together, and now looks like they have been talking again. I didn't see much (I saw enough) but he had been asking her for naughty pictures and had been talking sexually with her. She sent him a few. She even told him she loved him! WTF?

I'm feed up, I thought he had been proving that I could trust him again. Nothing seems to be wrong in our relationship. We spend so much time together and are very loving to one another.

What should I do? I don't want to hurt him because he is SO sensitive but what about my feelings? and to boot we work at the same place, just different departments. This is simply not acceptable to me. Please, any helpful advise is appreciated.


  • I would dump him for good, wtf is that..I don't care how old the girl is or what his reason was..that's unforgivable

  • I feel for you so much girl! Got your support on this. well I say for a guy thats "sensitive" I would be upfront about it. Don't beat around the bushes. And be ready for him asking for you back and to forgive him, but no I KNOW for a fact that that is wrong. 3 years and pullingthat off on you is wrong, a girl like you deserves waaay better. Just talk to him. Maybe in public to avoid the drama and being cut off when he or you hang up. Talk to him in that way you two know how to communicate and don;t attack him if you really don't want to hurt his feelings. Don't attack him verbally if that's the case. But he does deserve to know how you feel and what you want out of the relationship, either you force yourself to stick it out because of HIS feelings or you do something about it right here and right now and make it better in the end

  • You ought to confront him, in every relationship you need trust. Ask him why he did it. Don't get mad or stressed, be calm and subtle.

  • Umm he wanted a younger girl to sext with him..... But if u really love him , stay with him

  • dump his *** that is totally cheating in my book of my bf was doing that to me i would be like see ya!! you deserve better than the idiot!

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