People won't leave me alone when I am driving..why???

i am 17 today there was a red light and cars were stopped at it and then i pulled up next to this car that was stopped. there was a guy in the car with his window down i saw out of the corner of my eye he looked over at me and then when i would pull up a little he would pull up a little and this happened about 3 times and he was just leaning kinda out the window staring at me and then he even honked but i ignored it all why do people do this!!!!!!!?


  • they are some horney pigs. they are perverts

  • Guys have been doing this sort of thing since the beginning of time. They are like little kids looking for attention, even if it is negative. I am not saying all guys do these immature things, but a lot do. Also, in case they are not joking, you should drive with your doors locked when you are going to be in a lot of traffic lights, and stopping a lot. It is just safer that way.

  • The dude thought you were hot and he was trying to intimidate you or hit on you.

    Just ignor them.

    Welcome to the world of driving.

    I had someone at a gas station throw their own gas cap at my car because I was going to pay for the fuel before it moved my car.

    There are crazys out there i tell you.

  • That's why beautiful people like us have to get the windows tinted on our whips.

  • obviously you're attractive. you probably get it a lot so if you don't like it there isn't really anything you can do about it except just ignore it. or if you really feel angry then give them a dirty look maybe you'll make them feel stupid.

  • He's probably trying to get at you or just honking at your driving mistakes.

  • Cause men are visual creatures. They gravitate to decently looking girls or better. Those are the cards that life dealt you honey.

  • Put them ALL in the Trunk! That way you will be happy and not bothered with.

  • that's called intimidation sweetie

    just concentrate on what you need to do and forget everyone else

    don't worry about it. everyone wants to be a hero, so don't let them be

  • He thinks your hot and was just having fun.

  • lol just say hey and enact pleasent conversation or just smile and then leave em in ur dust thats what i do. Its easiest thing to do then acting stiff it makes the tension in cars nerve racking.

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