Is it normal to feel like this about my boyfriend?

i've not seen him for about 3 weeks now.

we are in the summer holidays and we've both been busy on and off.

at school im used to seeing him everyday including lunch & break times.

now its the last week of the holidays and he's gone away to devon for the week.

i am a little bit upset as i've not seen him for a while, but iu'd like to ask is it normal for myself to feel a bit depressed,worried and not as excited to ben in a relationship with him, as i am when i see him all the time?

i know its a tad confusing but all im trying to say is that is it normal for you to feel depressed as you've not seen the person you've really loved in a while

P.S we're both 14 :)


also he is sourt of like the 1st proper boyfriend i've had,

i have had bf's but not as good as he is


  • hm. maybe not at 14. but my friend and her bf were seperated for a week due to the same things as you and both go to the same school, and she cried everyday. but they were also together for over a year so idk. i guess it depends on the situation

    i think that you should take advantage of your time now and hang out with friends and family as much as possible. when you have a bf, (not you in particular but in general), you tend to hang out more with him than with your friends and family. this will give you more time with them and also get any depressing thoughts out of your mind

  • i don't probably comprehend their motivation in the back of taunting you, yet how did those females experience being dragged to coach off in front of you? Why are those men nonetheless so obsessed? weird and wonderful. i think of you would be unhappy for them that they are in a position to't flow on. you will discover somebody, and please learn from all this to handle those with admire and charm even after issues do not paintings out. you will draw human beings to you that do the comparable. some human beings doubtless in no way get mistreated and that they finally end up callous without empathy. that's time to construct your character. It sucks and takes continuously, yet interior the top, you would be able to desire to have an prolonged-lasting marriage and a extra significant relationship. start up making plans for college or the cool after-extreme college experience which you will embark on.

  • Hell Yes!

    I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and early this month he had to go to Texas to his sister's wedding (We live in Washington State). He was gone for 10 days, and I was just sitting around the house doing nothing and crying most of the time.

    We're 15, and he got held back in 6th grade so he is a year behind me, so he is going to be coming to high school next year, after I was in high school during Freshman year an he was stuck in Middle School.

  • It's perfectly natural to miss someone you care about when you are apart one from the other.

    A relationship is not healthy if one feels as if they couldn't exist without the other in their life.

  • @ 14 you have nothing to be depressed about,,,you don't have a clue about life yet

  • Yes , its very normal .

  • Its k.. dont worry... its jus ur emotions are maturin

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