mom's...a small q for you ?

my DH is a businessman & is travelling round the world .

I'm in India, 29 y/o age!

I'm blessed with twin boys who turn 5 in October!

So , for last two years I'v been going on , a ten day holiday overseas with my D.H.

And , well, I'm not sure how will you all react , but I really had fun :-).

Now ,I'd like to go again this year..however I'm having weird thoughts in my head.

* What if something bad happens ?( I'l be leaving them with my parents, and well nothing ever happened but its my mind that is over thinking)

It's like these "WHAT IF'S ", have taken a toll on me :(Frown

I would like some input here .please!

* Also ,I come across many mom's who feel that , If we would have wanted alone time' , why would we have children??

That makes sense , but does it make me a bad mommy to like to go out with my husband ?

I'm not sure if ,I make sense but any kind of input will help!!!


I was always scared , but i'm more scared now!!!

dh-dear hubby


  • A mom is the best mom if she looks after herself. Unless she's happy and fulfilled she is not going to be good to anyone, including her children. If you feel recharged after a holiday without your kids, go for it and do not live with regrets. Plus your kids are in capable hands and are being shown that there are other very capable people who can care for your kids ie your parents...bc after all they raised you~!

  • Give them some thing they have got to talk about and determine in combination, like a institution predicament. We did a fab one at school as soon as wherein we break up into 2 corporations and each and every attempted to arise with a central authority. Who might be the chief, what ideas situated on, legislation, courtroom process, and so forth. Then we got here again after a pair elegance durations and when put next and mentioned. I additionally was once dwelling schooled for a at the same time, we did crafts in combination, it was once a well steadiness of looking a demo then running and speakme as we completed our possess tasks, however that would possibly not get the entire institution concerned. Maybe a institution venture, which they then exhibit to their mom and dad later and provide an explanation for who made/did what? Any crew constructing physical activities might be amusing, I've performed 2 concerned in getting humans to grasp each and every different. The first was once a crew ropes direction, so much young adults love those if their near ample so that you can get to. The different one was once a hike, we climbed a brief mountain (it might be performed in an afternoon) and had preventing features alongside the best way. Each time we stopped we needed to inform the institution three exciting data (favourite animal, colour, and so forth) approximately anyone we did not recognise. That one was once relatively well, as a few humans were not relatively hikers so all of us needed to look forward to each and every different and support each and every different climb. We did not make it to the highest, we determined as a institution that we might flip round as one woman was once having obstacle together with her bronchial asthma. However, via letting or not it's a institution alternative we relatively felt bonded via our alternative to support her out.

  • All parents deserve a little "me time". Make sure your boys are safe with someone you trust and have fun! You can always call to check in, and if something bad happens you're just a plane ride away.

    Your parents raised you, so they probably know what they're doing. If you're concerned about their age and are afraid your twins might be too much for them, now that they're older, you can hire a babysitter to help out during the day at your parents house.

  • its natural to feel apprehension about leaving your little ones for any length of time, but theres nothing wrong with spending some "me" time doing what you like without them.

    I dont get it though...what did you do those other times that you went on holiday? I mean, you said you've gone on holiday two years in a row....were you not scared for them then???

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