what is typical fee of fixing damaged rear bumper in corolla (2007)?

my car was parked street and i found out someone hit the corner of rear bumper and made 4 inch diameter and 2 inch depth dent damage. My insur requires $500 deductible for damage and i'm trying to decide whether just leave it or fix it. what will be typical fee to repair? do they usually try to straignten out the dent, or it's impossible or not cost effective and they usually change the whole bumper? thanks


  • Look online for paintless dent repair they can do this cheaper than a body shop. We charge 125 per hour so figure on about 500 including paint if needed but sometimes if your handy you can do it yourself. You can remove the bumper place it in the sun and push the dent out out and place a weight on it and let it sit an hour remove the weight and check if its fixed if not reheat and let sit when done re install

  • The way to figure this out in a body shops view is to compare repair to replace. You may find that repairing is cheaper. But it all depends on which shop you choose. Most of the time there labor rates are around the same. My advice to you would be to go and get 3 different estimates from 3 different shops. Tell them each you want an estimate for 1) repairing the bumper. 2) replacing the bumper with 1 of 3 options. ( Used bumper, new bumper, or aftermarket bumper.) The estimates are free. If they want to charge you for the estimate. Walk away! One word of caution. Aftermarket bumpers do NOT always fit the car properly. And used bumpers usually have damage on them already. You will not be charged to repair the existing damage. Unless you pay for it out of pocket. As long as you go through your insurance. The shop will then charge the company they bought the bumper from for the repair. I hope this helps you. If you care about your care and how it looks. please don't cheat yourself by going to some backyard shop that will do it for $100.00. In the end you have to take back to a good body shop to fix the bad fix you payed $100.00 for. I was in the Auto body repair business for 20yrs. I used repair cars and worked my up to management. Good luck.

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla Bumper

  • Check with a body shop and tell them that you are going to paying it out of your own pocket.

    The bumper is plastic they will try to pop it out and see if further work is needed then paint it. Could be around $400~500.....depends

  • I would just get a cheap shop to fill the bump or just pull it out, you may be able to just go to walmart and i believe they have a diy product that pulls dents out. Insurance can be $$.

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