Law to unborn babies?

Hello I have a question...I live in Georgia and my girlfriend is from another state. We plan on getting married later on when we both feel its the right time. I have been worried about how she is and everything I worry for my unborn child sometimes...I am a good example of a man that really wants to be a father, but she wants to move back to her state with no job security or any form of income. I however am living here with a good job about to move into an apartment. I suggested for her to live with me till the child was born, but she wants to think about it. Is there any law that prohibits her from leaving the state without full consent especially since I am really dedicated to raising my child.


  • No she is an adult so she has the right to go wherever she wants. Once the baby is born a judge can sometimes say that the baby cannot leave the state but there are ways around that also if she can show that she is leaving for good reasons. I'm curious though you say that she live with you till the baby is born, well then what are you suggesting that after the baby is born she has to then move?

  • A man who wants to control women is NOT a "good example of a man."

    I suggest psychiatric help right away, before your control freak tendencies get the better of you and you end up in jail because of them.

  • Sorry but if are not married to this woman it is consider HER child not yours. She can go wherever she likes and you can't stop her.

    Shouldn't get a woman pregnant unless you are ready to marry her.

  • unless you are married that child is NOT yours, that child is hers and her alone until it is born and you have a DNA test done.. and you can not force her to take a DNA test while she is pregnant cause that could cause a miscarriage..and no judge is going to allow that.. ( the DNA test while pregnant)

    so you have no rights over that child until it is born and she can come and go as she pleases.

  • no there is no law like that

    she can go where ever she wants with your baby inside her

    and if you try to stop her you can go to jail kidnipping

    even if you were married

    she still could go anywhere she wants

    you cant use the law to stop her

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