Applying pressure to abort. No judgement just advice?

As the title says I need some advice or suggestions for how to talk/pressure/convince a friend to abort. We aren't dating - we have kind of a fwb type thing.

I am the first guy she has had sex with so she is a little attached and wants to be in a relationship but I'm obviously not interested so we sort of mutually agreed to hook up and see where it goes. We screwed up by not using protection (I guess she wasn't on any contraceptives) and she just told me she took two tests and she is pregnant. She almost sounded excited (wtf!) - I need to nip this in the bud. There is not a chance in hell I am getting tied down or robbed of my salary.

So as the question says any way to convince a girl to abort that anyone can recommend would help. No remarks about my character plz - also no bible thumpers. Just advice.....I'm desperate here


  • congratulations daddy!

    let me explain what you did wrong:

    1.FwB - please,this is just a way of saying 'i like you enough to have sex with,but a relationship?forget it!'

    2. with a woman you knew wanted a relationship!very few women can separate sex and emotions,she didn't sleep with you because it was physical,part of her was hoping that the sex would make you fall for her

    3.not putting something on the end of it - preventing pregnancy is up to BOTH partners.if she said she was on contraception,you should have made doubly sure by wrapping up your love stick

    sadly for you,the choice to continue or abort a pregnancy lies entirely with the big style for men that women have ultimate reproductive power doesn't it?you cannot force her to get an may give her your opinion,but if she wants to continue and have the baby,well,you have no rights to prevent that

    support the baby that you helped to make.lesson learned though eh!

  • haha well it doesn't work like that. You could pressure her as much as you want and she may agree but actually getting her to go to a clinic and let them put her to sleep and abort the baby is something that just is not going to happen unless she really is convinced she doesn't want the baby. Your stuck.

    This is why you use a condom and make sure your girl is on birth control! Have fun losing about half your paycheck.

  • Butt Head, Idiot, Child Man, Heartless, cool guy?

    This is your fault and you need to face the consequences of your actions

    So you got a virgin pregnant did you also give her an STD (HPV or worse) while you were there.

    This is what gets to me; you want to nip it in the bud!

    Abortion is birth control according to NOW.

    I hope your child grows up to be President

  • You can't pressure someone into getting a abortion are you dumb?! You should have thought about babies when you couldn't take 5 seconds to put a condom on!

  • You should just be a man and take care of the baby you made especially if she is excited

  • Shuda listened to Jeremy Kyle and put something on the end of it!

    But yeah you shouldn't convince her if she has made her mind up.

  • it's her decision. if she wants to keep it, she's going to keep it. women sometimes, especially when they get pregnant and have hormones and whatnot, LOVE babies. if she wants it, you're not going to talk her out of keeping it. the best thing you can do is support her decision. if you don't want to help raising a child, then whatever, do your own thing, but don't make this decision for her.

  • too bad..abortion is entirely the womans should have used protection if you didn't want a baby

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