I hit a care blocking my driveway. my fault or his?

I was leaving for work this morning and my car was all clear to back out. I looked down to turn my car on and put it in reverse. as I turned around to look and started backing up a truck came up behind me and just parked blocking my driveway. I ended up hitting him because there was no time to stop. Is it my fault or his?


  • Your fault. For two reasons:

    1. Your car was moving, the other vehicle was not, as the time of the impact. Therefore your car hit the other vehicle, not the other way around.

    2. You were reversing from a driveway onto a road, in contravention of Highway Code rule 200.

  • His. A driveway is not a public street.

  • Totally your fault, Elvis.

    When a vehicle is backing up, it doesn't have any right of way over anyone or anything else.

  • Yours.

  • Yours

  • What's a care? I'd say you're ok.

  • Your fault. You were moving the truck was stationary.

    A stationary vehicle cannot hit anything.

  • Yours. You reversed into an object that wasn't even moving.

    "I ended up hitting him because there was no time to stop" What are you talking about? You hit a stationary object. If you couldn't stop in time you either weren't looking or you weren't in control of your vehicle.

    Moving vehicle hits stationary object = the moving driver's fault. What if that was a diabetic pedestrian that passed out behind your car?

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