Can I still use my rigid wet dry vac after it was rained on?

I have a rigid wet dry vac and it was in my storage room which is attached to my house when hurricane Michael hit and took my roof off. It got rained on. I have let it dry out but havent tried to use it. Do you think it would be okay to use? Should i try it out Or should I just replace it?


  • Empty it out and clean the filter, if you haven't done that already. (On mine, you remove the filter completely for wet cleaning.)

    The motor is not designed to get wet. Is it safe to use after it got wet? It's probably OK, if you let it dry out well. If it was mine, I'd first turn it on outside, well away from anything flammable. Worst case, it will make a big spark, and trip the circuit breaker.

    Give it a chance. Don't trash it without testing it first.

  • Plug it into a GFCI outlet and give it a whirl! Rigid designs their wet vacs to be in wet locations, otherwise they would be useless in most places they are needed most. However, the high humidity of rain can cause corrosion to electrical components over long periods. If it is shorted, the GFCI will trip.

  • Please try it before replacing, nothing to lose now. If vacuum electronics and motor are completely dry, it has a great chance of still working.

  • I would make sure its dry and then try it.

    I had an electric can opener that the kids dropped into a sink full of water..luckily not plugged in. It sat in there overnight. I retrieved, set it aside for a couple weeks to drain and dry and used it for the next 10 years or so.

    Your enemy is water. If the water is gone, you would be surprised what still works just fine after a drenching if allowed to completely dry.

  • try it ... easy enough ... plug it into a switch controlled outlet [instead of the lamp that's usually there] ... turn vac's switch on, then cross the room and turn on the 'light' switch. It'll probably be fine but if it isn't, you're a safe distance away

  • Treat it like your cell phone that just got wet; open it up, dry it out. Maybe put a blow dryer into the motor area to dry it. Then try it.

  • of course

  • if you still have the instructions that go with it call the place up and ask thenn that sell it, they nnight know

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