Should I buy a cheap dirtbike or go all out and buy a better one?

I am thinking about getting a baja motorsports 90cc dirtrunner (dirtbike) for my son, will it last long, it is only 800$ brand new and a new honda 80cc is about 3500$, is baja the way to go?


  • Think of the Baja as 'disposable'. When it breaks, you throw it away and go get another one.

    Ask the 'dealer' if they stock parts and have trained tech's to work on them. If not, don't believe them when they say that parts from other brands will fit and other dealers will be glad to work on them. Sometimes you get lucky and certain parts will interchange, but not always. Most of the shops in my area are refusing to work on them anymore. It's just not worth the hassle in the long run.

    I've found that on most of those knock off machines when you can find parts they hose you pretty good. This past summer I felt sorry for a gentleman and took in his Jing-Chin Honda knock off bike. All we needed was a blasted needle and seat, but the distributor (no local dealers, just a hardware store) gladly sold me a complete carb. $$$$.

    Get the Honda, or whatever main stream bike you desire. You and your son will be much happier in the long run.

  • You would be better off buying a 10 y.o. Japanese bike then brand new Chinese garbage. Baja is definitely not the way to go. If you get a 5-10 y.o. Honda you and your son can work on it together (since will actually be able to get parts) and even if you just tune it up and change the oil it will run better and longer than a Baja.

  • In my 16 years of experience going new is the only way.

    It takes time and patients to fix a bike.

    (But its also fun)

    Also you have to be technically incline to fix a bike

    Dealerships cost allot of $$$

    Parts are usually not stocked and must be ordered. and their quite expensive.

    Its like a car, i know when i schedule a day of riding, the bike is going to work.

    Nothing sucks more than watching your Buddy's ridding while your fiddling with the bike so it will run.

    No matter which option you choose its gong to cost money. Old bike requires allot of new parts and time, New bike costs, but requires regular maintenance

  • the dirt runner sounds like a chinese knockoff of the japanese bikes....go japanese but I wouldn't pay any less than 1500 to 2000 for it or you can run into big problems with the bike you get for 800 bucks. p.s. the chinese bikes are junk and it is hard to get parts for them....the best way to go is new if you can afford it. KTM (austrian), husqvarna (swedish/italian) are also good choices.

  • hey i have a panterra 50cc similar to the baja 90ccc dirt runner. The 90cc may last if you take good kare of it and change oil regularly.If you do get dirt runner and need parts the best thing to do is get after market parts on bike, and a good place is oh also go to if you run into me if u want to know wat after market parts will fit on it.

  • About 40 years ago my dad bought me a running junker and I learned to work and ride my bike. An old Yamaha AT1-125. Since then three Harley's, two Yamaha's and a BMW. I worked on all of em myself because of that old AT1.

  • I agree with ringer. There is the first fall factor. The chinese bikes are disposable. You ride it till it breaks and hopefully by then your child has outgrown it.

  • Get the protective gear, change the oil, and clean the filter regularly...He'll have fun on the cheap one, 'till his friends get the expensive one...


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