What are the differences between the Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma?

I know they're both trucks, but what makes them stand out from one another? Is one better?


  • i own a repair shop,and have worked on both of these trucks before,,one is supposed to be tougher than the other one is,, the Tacoma is supposed to be more on the luxury side ,but both trucks are basically the same,,different trim packages and different styling set them apart ,,but very little,,if i had to choose between them,it would be a hard choice to make,,if you ever get a real good chance look at the two of them,you,ll see what I'm talking about,,good luck hope this help,s.,happy new years also.

  • Toyota Tundra Tacoma

  • The Toyota Tundra has a full size cab and the Tacoma has a smaller cab it also has a gearshift on the floor whereas the Tundra has the gearshift on the column. Tundra also sets up a bit higher. I have a Tacoma and my brother in law has a Tundra. I wish I had the Tundra. it is hard to fit three people in the Tacoma. He can fit four in his truck. 2 adults and 2 teens. I hope this helps you. We both get the same gas mileage.

  • The Toyota Tundra is a full size truck and is bigger, more powerful and can tow more. It's also more expensive. The Tacoma is a mid-size truck and has an available V6, unlike Tundra's V8. It is also quite a bit cheaper than the Tundra.

  • Dodge man doesn't know anything about Toyotas. The Tundra is a full size truck with an available V8. It also has an available LE or luxury package. The Tacoma, a compact pick up, is available with a V6. It also has an LE package available. Both are avilable in limited, SR5, and TRD versions. SR5 is an age old toyota moniker for high end accessory levels. TRD is Toyota Racing Development. Limited Edition is the luxury model. Both are avialable with extra cab and 4 door cabs.

  • The 2007 Tundra is a new model

    The 2007 Tacoma is about 3 yrs old

    The Tacoma is a bit smaller, but not small anymore......

  • The Tundra is bigger and more luxury (depends what you chose for your Tundra.The Tacoma is perfect if you want a cheap truck.Also the Tundra has more power than the Tacoma.

  • tundra is a full size truck, 2007 models anyway.

    tacos are small pick-ups, both are awesome trucks.

  • The tacoma is the base it has less power (unless u upgrade) and pulls less and weighs less so it can handle more but the Tocoma is beter for gas and is beter if you just plan on driving it and not working it all the time, Oh and the tocoma cost less

  • i would recommend the tundra because its bigger and it can hold more . the difference between the 2 is that the

    tundra is bigger and has a better motor bigger more power

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