why is my suv constantly over heating?

i drive a 2000 ford explorer xls and it is pissing thru antifreeze.

but now it over heats even with antifreeze in it.... any ideas?


  • If it's pissing antifreeze, you may want to find, and repair, the leak...overheating with antifreeze in it may be a t-stat stuck closed, or bad head gaskets from not repairing your leak and running it too hot all of the time.

  • My Mom had a Ford Windstar. It kept overheating, the whole back half on the engine had rusted and a pumped snapped. She had to buy a new van. Go to the auto shop ASAP

  • i had this problem except it was in a 98 crv, it's probably a bad radiator unit, i replaced mine and the problem as solved. Take a good look at your radiator for leaks in the hoses or anywhere around the radiator, esp at the bottom. If not, just take it to a trusty mechanic.

  • Bad thermostat

  • i'd have to say bad thermostat or the block of the engine may be stopped up take it to a garagemthey'll tell yah good luck

  • Thermostat, or head gasket especially if it's a 4.0L SOHC

  • Head gasket needs to be replaced or cracked head.

  • those plastic radiators come apart at the seams, literally...

    if it got hot, it probably warped a head and blew the gasket...

  • it could be your fan or water pump

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