What kind of Pickup Truck to Buy?

My husband and I are thinking about buying a used pickup truck to use primarily to haul stuff from an old house we're renovating--we're tired of paying $300.00 a pop for a trash dumpster. Plus, our son could have the truck afterward as he doesn't have a vehicle.

The problem is, we don't know a thing about pickups or what would be the best make or model to look for? We don't want a big farm type truck, but a smaller pickup like a Toyota. We want an old one that's not very expensive. Any suggestions on models or makes or trucks to stay away from?


  • I haven't heard of a terrible diesel truck

  • Get an older Toyota (maybe a light weight Tacoma), or Nissan. Whatever you do stay away from Ford. Fords are extremely cheap and look nice, but they will break down on you multiple times ending up costing more than a reliable truck.

  • If your looking for a small, decent truck, the chevy s10or the ford ranger will do. Or if you want to step it up a notch, you can get the chevy silverado 1500 or the ford f150. But if u want a real mans truck that will do anyjob, the toyota tundra or ford super duty will do!

  • Chevy Silverado

  • well i would suggest a chevy s10. they don't make them anymore therefore they're old. they're small and economical so good for your son. toyota makes realllllly nice trucks too

  • You should get a dodge Ram or a ford f-150

  • Toyo----> Tacoma,T100 or Tundra will do the job & last for years.

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