What is the most efficient and affordable way to heat a home?

I have a 2300 square foot home in Knightdale, NC. It comes with a heat pump heating system and a propane fireplace. Should I use the heat pump or the propane fireplace or should I use a portable kerosene space heater. What is cheaper?


  • Use the heat pump. The fireplace is not very efficient. Portable kerosene is also expensive. For more info, check out the heat pump page at www.hvac-for-beginners.com

  • if you're able to burn wood in the fireplace,do that. You'll pay a lot less in wood than electricity and propane. If the fireplace only allows propane, i would go with that over the heat pump. The heat pump turns on the compressor,condenser fan,and indoor fan to get heat. Then, when it's too cold to siphon any heat from the outside, it turns on electric heat for the house and that's when the bill goes sky-high.

  • You'll have to figure the cost per BTU for each heat source, based on the fuel costs in your area. My guess would be, the heat pump will be cheapest, then propane, then kerosene.

    Burning wood is only cost effective if you have a good quality airtight woodstove; wood fireplaces are very inefficient because most of your heat goes up the chimney.

  • Portable kerosene heaters are a no- no not only are they hard on fuel, they are also dangerous (re: fire hazard), also produce carbon monoxide as well!! Try a good quality air tight wood burning stove.

  • use a fire place

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