Walgreens Interview. HELP?

I'm 16 and this will be my first job interview.. I was wondering if I could get some tips to prepare for it tomorrow. I'd like to know what to bring to the interview, how to dress, what questions will be asked etc. Also would I need a resume? I'm only 16, I don't have one and this is my first job so I don't know if i would need one.


  • 1. Bring yourself

    2. What to wear: business casual - black pants, shirt with a collar - since our dress code is black pants & a blue button down shirt with a collar try to mimic it - always looks good to 'dress the part'

    3. questions: I can't give you verbatim however they'll be simple & based on the job so be prepared to be asked about prior work experience - since you don't have any just refer to any volunteer work you've done & if you've never volunteered anywhere just think logically haha remember the customer is #1 so customer service is a HUGE priority at all employment levels of Walgreens

    4. You don't need a resume.

    Good luck!

  • I currently work at Walgreens. I started at Walgreens about three months ago. I am what they call a service clerk which means a cashier. The manager that interviewed me just asked me some basic question about where I had worked before. It was a really easy interview. I went for my drug test and once it came back I started like the day after. Walgreens is a good place to work. They pay about two dollars over minimum wage and if your full time you can get insurance in three months and vacation and sick leave in six months.

  • Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process with Walgreens?

    Walgreens Employee: The application at Walgreens is done online. It’s all the typical application questions, but they do ask you to mark down all of the different stations at Walgreens that you would like to work at. Then, when you go into your interview, they tell which stations from what you marked that you may work at. During the interview, there were three interviews. The first interview we strictly went over the application. Everything asked on the application we went over again and kind of explained a little bit more of it. The second time I went in, we went over the application again, but she also added a few extra questions. The one major question she asked was about how I went above and beyond for a customer in my past. We also did a couple of assessment tests. One was on math, and the second one was on customer service. Then the third interview, we basically talked about the pay, what position I would be working at, and to sign up for a drug test.

    Interviewer: What should an applicant wear to the Walgreens job interview?

    Walgreens Employee: An applicant should dress up very professional. They like to be very professional. No tennis shoes. Definitely dress pants, dress shirt, and make sure your hair is done.

    Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

    Walgreens Employee: Why I would like to work at Walgreens, how I would make a good asset to the team, and she definitely pushed how would I go above and beyond for customers. So, basically a lot of customer service questions.

    Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment with Walgreens?

    Walgreens Employee: The advice I would give a job seeker would be: definitely be professional, have a lot of good communication, and eye contact – she really liked that about me. Like I said, you’re working with customers. Make sure you’re upfront, upbeat, and not shy.

  • Wear clothes close as possible to your Walgreens. If you have long hair, have it tied back very simply. Perhaps just a pony tail or in a braid.

    Avoid smelly products. No perfume/cologne. Definitely avoid caked on make up or make up all together.

    Shower in the morning, but make sure to have dry hair before you go.

    Wear flat comfortable shoes. Keep your hands to yourself unless a handshake seems appropriate. Practice with your mother/father/sibling/friend.

    Have you volunteered? Done after school activities? Baby sat? Have pets? Sure, pets may not be a 'job, but use what you know!

    Be aware your interviewer will ask you many questions like: What would you do it someone ran out the door with unpaid products? How would you handle a tough situation? How would you respond to an angry customer?

    Try to not say "I' "I' I" a bunch of times. Mix it up!

    Laugh, smile, be friendly. If you're shy, try looking around the room to feel comfortable but make sure to make eye contact, but not 'too much' eye contact. Never stare, and definitely don't judge!

  • Dress as nice as possible black pants/skirt and a blazer if you have it ask your mom or whoever for help deciding on an outfit you want to look professional even though its only Walgreens you'll make a good impression dont wear too much make up or jewelry. be confident! Don't say um and say yes not yeah

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